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Refined Models and Added Project Detail View

MariaV requested to merge project_detail_view into master

1.) Finished updated and testing all models with easier to understand attributes (e.g. vs project.project_name) and to keep naming system consistent, as some model attributes cannot be changed (e.g project.project_slug is not a valid slugfield entry). Migrated models in steps; will drop all migrations and remake fresh once models are semi-finalized.

2.) Created a decorator to check if a project exists in the database before allowing access to a view - I thought a decorator would be easy to "turn on/turn off" in case we changed our mind about which views should be restrict by projects in database vs all gitlab projects.

3.) Updated the project model to use name_with_namespace for string representation - > prettier search + create forms which are also alphabetized by group first (e.g. TPA > Project name)

4.) Created a new view - > Project Detail view, including the view logic, URL pathing, and template. Although a bit barebones at this time, it is styled and lists the issues associated with a project.

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