Add Timestamps and Moderator Comments to anonticket/moderator_landing.html

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Update designed to improve the functionality of the 'moderator' view, including streamlining the information with new table columns and adding timestamp and moderator_only comments to Issues and Projects (Gitlab account requests to come.)

  • Added new field to Project model, self.short_name_with_namespace, which automatically populates upon save by fetching and joining that with This allow for a more compact display of project name with namespace in templates by leaving off the "Tor Project".

  • Added created_at DateTime fields that automatically sets for Model, Issue, and GitlabAccountRequest models upon item creation in database. Migrated current database and set all items with blank values to

  • Added mod_comment TextField to Note, Issue, and GitlabAccountRequest models.

  • Altered included fields on ModelForms to included pending mod comments for Notes and Issues and tested post/save.

  • Adjusted boostrap columns for from xl-10 to xl-11 and l/m from 9 to 11 to remove whitespace and provide more room for tables.

  • Refactored anonticket/moderator.html ('moderator') view template to include an extra column and moved User Identifier to this column. Set column widths with style="width: X percent" (bootstrap 4 does not have another way of setting column width in responsive tables at this time) and tested down to 1044. Added timestamp fields to Issue/Note, changed name_with_namespace for projects to short_name_with_namespace, and swapped moderator action buttons for links to allow for more compact display in table. Added conditional logic to template to display Note.mod_comment or Issue.mod_comment if exists, including formatting. Changed headers on table, including vertical alignment.

  • Tested display and flow of data/tables from 2000px wide down to 1044px wide.

  • Ran test again, all tests pass.

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