Added Mod Functionality for GitlabAccountRequests

MariaV requested to merge gl_account_requests_mod into master

Created the urls, views, and templates related to Gitlab Account Requests for moderators, as did not want gitlab account request functionality to exist for users until moderators were able to test/approve items. This merge request includes:

  • Added a separate variable in for GitlabAccountRequest secret tokens, as tokens for account request may be at a different permission level than issues/notes.
  • moved formset calls to within the 'moderator' view function (versus at global level in to make it easier to traceback to where they're coming from down the line.
  • Added comments to template re: formsets for moderator views
  • Added (and then removed) an optional foreign-key to useridentifier to the GitlabAccountRequest model--removed as there are some questions re: handling delete, etc, and wanted to clarify - will likely need to move into a separate merge request.
  • Added an update view for GitlabAccountRequest for moderators to allow for updates to pending account requests.
  • Added url and template for GitlabAccountRequest update view and added links to view on 'moderators' template.
  • Added gitlab account request formset to and logic to 'moderator' view, including for get and post, and tested using account with "Moderators" group or "Account Approvers" group assigned.
  • Simplified tests for "moderator" and "account approver" to make them clearer and easier to follow/implement in view logic.
  • Added some tests in for GET/POST on new views. More tests pending in a separate merge request.

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