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Remove References to old login method (words over string)

MariaV requested to merge remove_old_login_form_logic into master

Update that removes all references to old login method (individual words) as well as some template and CSS sheet refactoring.

-Modified LoginForm in only have a single field (login_string).

  • Changed LoginForm custom clean method to only allow for blank or string (eg no if/else validation errors for word/string combination.)
  • Deleted custom LoginForm.is_valid() method (no longer necessary)
  • Commented out display:none for labels on class 'flex-form'
  • Altered the login_form.html template to display proper fieldwrapper with label for login_string.
  • Deleted unused functions on LoginForm (e.g. join_words, etc.)
  • Refactored login_view in to simplify (no results dictionary necessary as login string is now passed as an arg variable to URL instead of in a dict.)
  • Deleted all tests in anonticket/ that refer to old word method.

Ran all tests, all tests passing.

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