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Refresh container-image builder.

micah requested to merge refresh into main

This updates the builder to have some improvements that I've carried over from a previous location:


  • change to a template to build multiple suites easier
  • switch to debain:bookworm for the image, as latest is variable (I would switch this to our own pre-built after it is available)
  • incorporate bootstrap phase into template, so multiple different templates with different tools are possible
  • tag and push to registry existing container with _previous suffix, for roll-back possibilities
  • add rules that will build on changes
  • implement templates for bullseye, bookworm and bullseye-backports

  • set -x to fail early
  • set non-interactive ode to apt, so it doesn't get stuck
  • allow for the default apt sources to be enabled
  • add functionality to optionally $ADD_MIRROR
  • add functionality to pass $SUITE
  • removed EPOCH date info, seems it needs more work to be useful
  • cleaned up the dpkgopt path-exclude options on discussion after discussion with the mmdebstrap maintainer
  • push the container to the registry

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