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Implement new staging workflow with Review Apps

Jérôme Charaoui requested to merge new-staging-workflow into main

What this MR does:

  • Enable Review Apps for our web projects right now, by default (and opt-out by defining $SKIP_REVIEW_APPS)
  • Allow projects to define $STAGING_URL to deploy to a staging static mirror component (eg. www-staging.tpo)
  • Make deploying to production a manual operation for projects which have a staging area and define $STAGING_URL (currently only blog.tpo)

What this MR doesn't do:

  • Enable manual production deployments everywhere right now
  • Make GitLab Pages deployments opt-in instead of opt-out, which we should do eventually
  • Require modifications to project CI/CD variables for deployments to continue working as they do right now

This MR is submitted as a fix for tpo/web/team#15 (closed)

Edited by Jérôme Charaoui

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