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Torproject Sysadmin Team

The Torproject System Administration Team is the team that keeps's infrastructure going. This is the internal team wiki. It has mostly documentation mainly targeted for the team members, but may also have useful information for people with accounts.

The documentation is split into the following sections:

  • User documentation - aimed primarily at non-technical users and the general public
  • How to - procedures specifically written for sysadmins
  • Services - service documentation
  • Policies - major decisions and how they are made
  • Meetings - minutes from our formal meetings
  • Roadmaps - documents our plans for the future (and past successes of course)

To contact us, see, how to get help!

For a list of services and which servers they run on check ud-ldap.

For our source code, look at gitweb for things under admin/.

This is a wiki. Feel free to send us patches to improve this resource. If you have the right permissions -- which is actually unlikely, unfortunately -- you can edit the wiki in GitLab directly. Otherwise you can submit a pull request on the wiki replica. You can also clone the git repository and send us a patch by email.