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User Experience Team Overview

Hi, Oi, Hola 👋

We are practicing human-centered design while building and empowering the Tor community. It aims to make Tor usable for everyone. We act as a bridge between the development teams and our users. Most of the time, we work on things like visual design, user interface design, user experience design, and ethical user research.


We hold open IRC meetings monthly every first Tuesday of the month at 1400 UTC in #tor-meeting on OFTC. If you've never been on IRC before, here are some instructions to get started. We discuss topics related to ethical user research, open design, user interface design, user experience design, human-centered design methodologies, and anything about collective design.

Our asynchronous medium of communication is the mailing list. This list is public in the sense that anyone can subscribe, send emails, and read archives. Feel free to subscribe and just listen if you want, and feel free to post if you want to say something that you think is on topic.


Here's what we're working on right now:


We work with Localizatoin Lab on localization.