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Reorganize exit docs, create openSUSE instructions and other minor changes

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This should fix #256 (closed) and #351 (closed), and a little typo on the Debian/Ubuntu technical setup guide. The exit setup guide already has instructions for Debian/Ubuntu, CentOS/RHEL and FreeBSD, it may be better to create a structure similar to Guard/Middle to prevent clutter.

  • Separate instructions per operating system
  • Add openSUSE documentation for a guard/middle relay
  • Add openSUSE documentation for an exit relay

Instructions for QNAME minimisation have been modified for all operating systems, since it now ships it enabled by default. Verbosity at level 1 is also default.

Changed instructions for CentOS/RHEL to use dnf instead of yum, since the latter although working, is only used on legacy versions.

Sadly, TPO doesn't provide a repository for openSUSE, despite using RPM packages as Fedora and CentOS/RHEL, so I couldn't add a section explaining how to add the repository. Because of this, installations with versions completely up-to-date are not always possible, as Leap 15.5 has version, and Tumbleweed (I have already notified the maintainer, so should be available soon).

This is undesired, as although Tumbleweed is a rolling release and has the latest stable up-to-date packages, Leap (regular releases) is more widely adopted for servers (if not SLES). At least 0.4.7.x is no longer available on non-EOL releases.

EDIT: The entry name is openSUSE and not OpenSUSE, as it is the official name. Mentioning this because the rest of entries start with a capital letter and this one doesn't, but it doesn't look bad from my point of view. This is different on the bridge guide, this should be decided, use the official name and change the other or capitalise this entry.

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