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Allow main branch to be staged using donate-review like feature branches with open MRs can

stephen requested to merge ci-staging-for-main into main

Right now the CI scripting for donate-neo allows for the deploy-review script to be manually run in, and only in, the event of a merge request event. This means that feature branches can be staged for review after a MR has been made but before it has been accepted; once that branch is merged, it's not possible to stage the post-merge state of a codebase.

The purpose of this MR is to extend the CI script to additionally allow deploy-review to be run on commits which:

  1. Are made to the default branch
  2. Have a commit message that begins with "Merge branch"

This will help with use cases such as "the front-end development is complete but the UX team needs to be able to review it for bugs."

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