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fix: Implement spacing between "large" copy elements as per spec

stephen requested to merge frontend-tickets--headline-spacing into main

A fix for the issue described in this ticket - #35 - that describes how spacing between headline and copy elements, and, alternately, between headline and page elements, is determined for "large" form elements (as the ticket puts it).

In particular, this effects type lockups where the h5-style headlines abut copy or form elements - in the former case, there's less spacing between the two but larger spacing below the copy; in the latter case, that larger spacing is used immediately below the headline.

This change was implemented in SASS by:

  • Increasing the default spacing below h5 elements
  • Adding a rule to increase spacing below instances of h5 + p
  • Adding a definition for specific page elements that immediately follow h5-style headlines to add margin-top, bringing the total margin between the two to the correct amount

Closes: #35

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