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merge v0.1.1 to master

Barkin Simsek requested to merge dev into master


  • The CHANGELOG file
  • Support for using multiple versions of the browsers (#2 (closed))
  • Functionality to identify exit node's exitting capabilities through the IPv6Exit flag (#10 (closed))
  • Checks for page integrity in addition to the CAPTCHA detection (#18 (closed))
  • A submodule for getting md5 hash of the website at the given URL (#19 (closed))
  • The first working version of the intelligent job dispatcher compose submodule (#23 (closed))
  • GeoIP information to the relay information in the database (#25 (closed))
  • Annotatations the dataset to indicate CAPTCHA Monitor version (#26 (closed))
  • Ability to customize CAPTCHA sign for different pages (#31 (closed))
  • More warning and error messages to cover more scenerios
  • Timeouts to webdriver while fetching pages
  • Proper webdriver.quit() statements to prevent memory leaks


  • Fixed the problem with JavaScript not being enabled all the time
  • Switched to using HTTP-Header-Live extension to capture HTTP headers (#16 (closed))
  • Divided submodules run, add, compose, md5, etc. into different separate files (#22 (closed))
  • Moved test types list to the database (#27 (closed))
    • Now new fetcher types, versions, and URls can be specified through the database
  • Switched to using microdescriptors to save bandwidth
  • Updated the README file to match v0.1.1 updates

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