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Add WebTunnel Client Support Integration to lyrebird

shelikhoo requested to merge shelikhoo/lyrebird:dev-webtunnel into main

This merge request adds WebTunnel Client Support to lyrebird.

The argument list and other supported functionalities is a superset of current version of standalone webtunnel client, as a result just add a line ClientTransportPlugin webtunnel exec ./lyrebird to torrc and use it as a drop-in replacement would be fine.

In additional to the existing features, utls support was added to it. Use the following C-Tor configuration to test it:

UseBridges 1
DataDirectory datadir

ClientTransportPlugin webtunnel exec ./lyrebird

Bridge  webtunnel **FILL_IN** utls=hellorandomizednoalpn

SocksPort auto

Log info

A note about ALPN: if the http2 alpn is negotiated, the connection may not work as websocket or http1.1 upgrade is not supported in http2.

Note to self: squash before merge

(Fix: #40014 (closed))

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