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proxy: feat: add option to expose the stats by using metrics

am3o requested to merge am3o/snowflake:feat/expose_metrics into main

This is an alternative implementation of the MR#103

Enable the exposing metrics using Prometheus on the endpoint /internal/metrics. The used mechanism is based on the SnowflakeEventDispatcher, only its data is available to the collector and nothing else is leaked.

I added the following CLI flags:

  • disableStatsLogger: disable the stats logger using the log
  • metrics: enable the stats logger using the Prometheus metrics
  • metrics-port: set the port on which the Prometheus metrics server listens

Hint: The new CLI flags shouldn't change the behaviour of the original proxy. So, the new feature doesn't disable the original stats mechanism.


snowflake-proxy --metrics --metrics-port 8081 --disable-stats-logger

On the new endpoint: http://localhost:8081/internal/metrics


The core part of this is from Issue#40121

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