1. 29 Apr, 2021 1 commit
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      For #10133 - BrowserMenuCompoundButton now reports the right dimensions · 54b465ef
      Mugurell authored
      A BrowserMenuCompoundButton setup with compound drawables and used in our
      BrowserMenu configured with a DynamicWidthRecyclerVIew will return a width
      smaller with the size + padding of the compound drawables.
      By replacing the default `inherit` layout direction for the initial onMeasure
      we ensure the menu will also count the bounds of the compound drawables.
  2. 27 Apr, 2021 3 commits
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  12. 14 Apr, 2021 3 commits
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      Cleanup - Don't count item padding in ExpandableLayout · 5b3677aa
      Mugurell authored
      ExpandableLayout needs to iterate through all items until the one set as the
      limit of the collapsible menu and accumulate the distance.
      It adds the items height and margins but also erroneously the padding.
      Stop counting the padding if height is counted. Height contains any vertical
      padding set.
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      For #9932 - Make ExpandableLayout aware of the sticky footer item index · b4e2368f
      Mugurell authored
      If the menu starts as collapsed and it has a sticky footer set the bottom item
      until which the menu should be collapsed must be shown on top of the sticky
      item's view.
      As an edgecase, if the same item is the limit of the collapsed menu and also
      the sticky footer that will be the last item shown in the collapsed menu but
      will be shown with full height.
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      For #9932 - BrowserMenuAdapter is now a StickyItems Adapter · 44604be8
      Mugurell authored
      The most important new responsibilities are to update the view of the sticky
      BrowserMenu's background is only set on the parent's layout so the Adapter will
      have to set that same background to the sticky item's view such that other
      items scrolling underneath it will be totally obscured.
      Because the menu's background can be set in multiple ways (by setting a value
      for mozac_browser_menu_background / by passing a MenuStyle or like in Fenix
      having a default theme for all "above" views) BrowserMenu will offer a new
      backgroundColor property that as the single source of truth for this which can
      then be used by the Adapter.