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Bug 41160: One-time uninstall HTTPS Everywhere and force switch to HTTPS-Only.

ma1 requested to merge ma1/fenix:bug_41160 into tor-browser-102.2.1-12.0-1

Fenix part of tor-browser#41160 (closed).

Implemented as !amend commit in order to also replace the obsolete message with the following.

Modify add-on support

Bug 41160: One-time ultimate switch Tor Browser Android to HTTPS-Only. Bug 41159: Remove HTTPS-Everywhere extension from Tor Browser Android.

Bug 41094: Enable HTTPS-Only Mode by default in Tor Browser Android.

#40225 (closed): Bundled extensions don't get updated with Android Tor Browser updates.

Bug 40030: Install HTTPS Everywhere and NoScript addons on startup.

HTTPS Everywhere is installed as a builtin extension and NoScript as a regular AMO addon. To avoid unnecessary I/O we only install NoScript the first time, and rely on the browser addon updating mechanism for keeping up with new versions. This is the same behaviour that was implemented in the Fennec-based Tor Browser, where it was installed as a "distribution addon", which also only occurred once.

Bug 40062: HTTPS Everywhere is not shown as installed

Also 40070: Consider storing the list of recommended addons

This implements our own AddonsProvider, which loads the list of available addons from assets instead of fetching it from an endpoint. In this list, we replace https-everywhere by our https-everywhere-eff, so that the EFF one is shown as installed in the addons list and the AMO one is not displayed.

Also, we hide the uninstall button for builtin addons.

Bug 40058: Hide option for disallowing addon in private mode

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