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Bug 41679: Backport Android-specific security fixes from Firefox 111 to ESR 102.9-based Tor Browser (fenix portion)

richard requested to merge richard/fenix:bug_41679 into tor-browser-102.2.1-12.0-2

This one wasn't too bad since it's in the same repo at least. Majority of conflicts were in test code (disabling broken tests upstream that we don't have or are already commented out).

This corresponds to the upstream commit range: d834147aff423c3eac8f670f96cac112a23e46af through f91af61b4bb2a8c8bfd23ea48a21e43804b482ef:

Did have to be a bit careful because they've likely auto-linted upstream which adds many (technically) necessary commas we didn't have but I think I caught them all.

Doing a testbuild on tb-build-05 overnight and we'll find out I suppose.

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