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Applications Team

About us

Welcome to the Applications Team wiki page. The Applications Team is a group of Tor people who are working on different user facing products like Tor Browser.


The people who are part of this team is anyone working on the projects described above. We're not listing names here to keep the team open to everyone. This team also has the participation of user support and localization team members and members of other teams that give support to the Application team efforts.

You're on the team if you're participating in discussions and development, and you're not part of the team anymore if you decide you want to move on (which we hope won't happen).


Just go to #tor-dev, and somebody from the team might either be around or appear later and get back to you. You can use the tbb-team alias for getting the attention of someone on the team (many of us have added this specific keyword so it highlights us).

We use ​IRC for our meetings, we meet on the ​OFTC network. We use a meeting pad to take notes each meeting.

Team meeting UTC CET
Primary team meeting Monday 15:00 Monday 16:00

The Applications team's asynchronous medium of communication are the ​tbb-dev@ mailing list and ​tor-dev@ mailing list, depending on which is more applicable. These lists are public in the sense that anyone can subscribe, send emails, and read archives. Feel free to subscribe and just listen if you want, and feel free to post if you have a question that you think is on topic.


  • Improve Browser from feedback from users
  • "Tor VPN" implementation
  • Improve QA process for To Browser
  • Sponsor work related to circumvent censorship

Roadmap for Q2 2022

We keep the board for the team up to date but you can look at our broad goals next.


  • Resolve issues that will come up from user feedback
  • There is a few remaining issues blocked by UX team right now.
  • O3.1: Improve automatic censorship detection during bootstrapping in Tor Browser (desktop and Android).
  • Evaluate orbot and leap for components and architecture.

  • VPN safety criteria

  • HTTPS everywhere replacement.

  • TBA maintenance


Active Sponsor Projects

Triaging Tickets

We are triaging tickets once a week (Gaba and Richard) .

The criteria to include tickets in a specific milestone are:

  • bugs that must be fixed (include security, regression or crash bugs)
  • tickets that have been road-mapped before because they are part of a sponsored project
  • tickets that are very fast to fix (around 1 hour)

The process we are using for triaging tickets is:

  1. filter out all tickets not in the milestone sorted by creation date
  2. for each new ticket:
  • add related labels (for example add an UX label to tickets that needs UX/UI help and the same for other teams)
  • if it fits the criteria written above then add it to the right milestone

Becoming a volunteer

The best way to get involved is to visit our weekly IRC meeting (see above). Tell us your background and interests and we will find a project for your to get started.