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Bug 40485: Resolve Android reproducibility issues

Matthew Finkel requested to merge sysrqb/tor-browser-build:bug40485_00 into master

Closes #40485 (closed)

As described in the issue, we resolve two issues in this MR. The first is related to code generation in the Nimbus FML (gradle) plugin. The gradle plugin's parser relies on rust's HashMap data structure, but that structure doesn't provide a deterministic iterator. We replace it with BTreeMap which does provide ordering.

The second issue is in glean_parser where a build timestamp is included. However, to solve this we can simply set gleanBuildDate. Ideally we'd use the result of MOZ_BUILD_DATE, but the format is wrong and this doesn't seem important enough to manually parse each component of MOZ_BUILD_DATE and format it correctly for gleanBuildDate - therefore we just inject 0.

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