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Bug 40699: Fix input_files in projects/firefox-l10n/config

boklm requested to merge boklm/tor-browser-build:bug_40699 into main

Closes #40699 (closed).

In input_files in projects/firefox-l10n/config we are doing this:

  my $locales = project_config($project, 'var/locales', $options);
  foreach my $locale (@$locales) {
    $locale = process_template($project, $locale, '.');

In this foreach loop, $locale is pointing to the real string from var/locales and not a copy, and we are updating it with the output from process_template. This means that the template will be processed the first time the function is called (for example for a linux-x86_64 build) and the processed value from the first call reused on subsequent calls (for example a macos build, where the ja locale is supposed to be different).

This is what caused the reproducibility issue in !591 (comment 2857042)

To fix that we just use a separate variable to store the processed template.

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