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Bug 40739: tor-expert-bundle should include ClientTransportPlugin torrc lines...

richard requested to merge richard/tor-browser-build:bug_40739 into main

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Change Description

This patch adds a pt_config.json file containing:

  • the default preferred bridge type
  • built-in bridge lines
  • torrc ClientTransportPlugin lines

The pt_config.json file in the tor-expert-bundle directory has two placeholders in:

  • ${pt_path} : to be swapped out by consuming applications with actual path of the pluggable transports directory (relative to the tor daemon process's working directory)
  • ${pt_extension} : swapped out by the tor-expert-bundle build script with either .exe for Windows targets or .so for Android targets

Future MRs for #40741 (closed) will consume pt_config.json in the Tor Browser build process.

After #40741 (closed) we can remove the existing bridge string text files.

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