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Bug 40955: Translate the Windows installer.

Pier Angelo Vendrame requested to merge pierov/tor-browser-build:bug_40955 into main

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Change Description

In this commit, we stop using hardcoded English strings for the Windows installer, and start translating them.

NSIS requires to insert the language strings in the source code of the strings, which has a few problems:

  1. Weblate doesn't support this format (Crowdin does)
  2. Trusting a completely automated process with source code doesn't feel right
  3. I don't know if Crowdin would give us the possibility to enable/disable languages (it isn't a problem with Weblate).

So, I decided to create a Python script to parse strings in a more standard format, escape the strings as we prefer, and then add them to the NSIS script.

I chose .ini, because it's a super easy monolingual format (key=string). Monolingual is a better choice in this context, because NSIS refers to strings by key.

I also evaluated forcing gettext to monolingual (Weblate supports it), but eventually I discarded the option because:

  • it was harder to setup in Python (I really tried, but at a certain point I gave up, because the effort wasn't worth, given the simplicity of this use case)
  • I didn't find an API to list the strings (I'm trying to reduce the redundancy) - but we could use regex as a workaround (see the script to extract strings from the NSIS file)
  • I expect the difference for the users to be minimal (Weblate does a lot to improve the UX)

I also evaluated JSON, but JSON doesn't really support comments.

The ini file for the translation repository aren't included here, but I have them in a couple of branches in my translation.git fork.

There are still a few things to iron out, but I'm starting threads in the MR for them, so that GitLab forces us to solve them 🙂.

How Tested

Nightly build at

The final installer won't prompt for the language, will use the one from the OS, but I added it for this test build so that we could change language.

At the moment, I added only translations for Italian (in addition to English; other languages will have empty strings - more on this later).

/cc @emmapeel @ruihildt

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