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Bug 40807: Added QRCode.js to toolkit/modules

Added QRCode.jsm in a separate MR, as discussed on !254 (closed).

I used this fork of QRCode.js. Actually, it is based on the code by Kazuhiko Arase that is already used in Firefox.


  1. Firefox uses an old version of the library, that checks for versions up to 10, which is not enough for some cases
  2. this MR uses an old version of the code that generates the matrix data as well, but it is handier to use (it includes some code to check the QR version, and the SVG that is produced is okay)
  3. QRCode.js allows to customize colors

I modified it so that we can use it as a module, and I have removed some checks for old versions of Android, as well as the table and the canvas drawers (since we are going to use SVG anyway).

This MR closes #40807 (closed).

Edited by Pier Angelo Vendrame

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