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Draft: Bug 40773&40774: update about:torconnect and about:preferences#tor

These patches should close #40773 (closed) and #40774 (closed).

However there are still some points I would like to discuss/comment:

  • about Bridge cards:
    • hash+dictionary instead as names:
      • should we have a name generated in this way also for Meek/Snowflake transport, since they can be shared?
      • can I just implement this in TB code, or do we want to do a shared implementation with other projects, like BridgeDB?
    • can I drop changes for the "secret" bridge label?
      • since, from what I understood, we are going to use only the transport, as a label
  • the online test is now on Moat.jsm, and torPane.js calls it directly, but in this way the previous test outcome is reset when you reload the page
    • Possible workaround: move the connection status to TorConnect, but I am not sure it is the best thing to do...
  • error strings for Moat are still missing. We have a field for detailed description that I feel we should provide from the request itself (instead of returning {}/null)
  • what about the debug stuff? In case we keep it, we need to update also tor-launcher for the new _torBootstrapDebugSetError()

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