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Improve accessible description of built-in radio options

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  • Immediate: patchset needed as soon as possible
  • Next Minor Stable Release: patchset that needs to be verified in nightly before backport
  • Eventually: patchset that needs to be verified in alpha before backport
  • No Backport (preferred): patchset for the next major stable

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  • Emergency security update: patchset fixes CVEs, 0-days, etc
  • Censorship event: patchset enables censorship circumvention
  • Critical bug-fix: patchset fixes a bug in core-functionality
  • Consistency: patchset which would make development easier if it were in both the alpha and release branches; developer tools, build system changes, etc
  • Sponsor required: patchset required for sponsor
  • Localization: typos and other localization changes that should be also in the release branch
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  • Merge to tor-browser - !fixups to tor-browser-specific commits, new features, security backports
  • Merge to base-browser - !fixups to base-browser-specific commits, new features to be shared with mullvad-browser, and security backports
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    • accessibility : henry
    • android : clairehurst, dan
    • build system : boklm
    • extensions : ma1
    • firefox internals (XUL/JS/XPCOM) : ma1
    • fonts : pierov
    • frontend (implementation) : henry
    • frontend (review) : donuts, richard
    • localization : henry, pierov
    • macos : clairehurst, dan
    • nightly builds : boklm
    • rebases/release-prep : dan, ma1, pierov, richard
    • security : ma1
    • signing : boklm, richard
    • updater : pierov
    • misc/other : pierov, richard

Change Description

The "aria-describedby" attribute reads will use referenced element's accessible name, even if it is hidden. Therefore, before this change each radio option's accessible description started with "Current bridge ", even when the corresponding label was not shown.

We now only include the "Current bridge" in the radio description if it is shown.

Moreover, we include a full-stop . at the end of the "Current bridge"'s accessible name to ensure that it remains distinct when it is concatenated with the rest of the built-in description. It is not ideal that the "Current bridge" information is squashed into the description, because it is less distinct as a result, but I'm not aware of any other aria feature that could help. But the extra punctuation this is a noticeable improvement on the previous behaviour.

How Tested

Open the built-in bridge dialog. Check that the accessibility tree for the dialog. The radio option with "Current bridge" shown should have a description that starts with "Current bridge. ", whilst the rest do not.

Tested with Orca screen reader.

Edited by henry

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