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#34: adding support for xz2

wuldr requested to merge wuldr/arti:issue-34 into main

This is my initial attempt as adding support for xz2. I'm not sure about what I've done in the file.

  • I've set memlimit to max in mainline tor it seems to be MEMORY_LIMIT (16 * 1024 * 1024) ?
  • I've made to encoding lzma or xz but in mainline tor it seems to be "x-tor-lzma" ?
  • The new_lzma_decoder fn returns a Result so I've unwrapped. Should probably handle the Error result. New to Rust haven't got a good feel yet for how this is done.

I also need to add tests and so on but at this stage it would be good to get a review before I proceed.

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