Unverified Commit 0582fa0e authored by Georg Koppen's avatar Georg Koppen
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Bug 40024: Don't check dizum's old IP address anymore

The old IP address is supposed to stop working at the begin of August
according to Alex. No need to check for it anymore.
parent 8074fc57
......@@ -348,7 +348,6 @@ def run_checks(consensuses, votes):
all_issues = []
......@@ -940,22 +939,6 @@ def shared_random_reveal_partitioning(latest_consensus, consensuses, votes):
issues.append(Issue(Runlevel.WARNING, 'SHARED_RANDOM_REVEAL_MISMATCH', authority = authority, their_v3ident = v3ident, our_value = matches[0], their_value = reveal, to = [authority]))
def old_dizum_address_reachable(latest_consensus, consensuses, votes):
Check that dizum's old address is still reachable...
desc = stem.descriptor.remote.their_server_descriptor(endpoints = [('', 80)]).run()[0]
if desc.nickname != 'dizum':
raise IOError("Unexpected nickname at dizum's old address (%s)" % desc.nickname)
except Exception as exc:
return Issue(Runlevel.WARNING, 'OLD_DIZUM_UNAVAILABLE', address = '', error = exc, to = ['dizum'])
def get_consensuses():
Provides a mapping of directory authority nicknames to their present consensus.
......@@ -22,7 +22,6 @@ msg TOR_OUT_OF_DATE => The following authorities are an out of date version of
msg BADEXIT_OUT_OF_SYNC => Authorities disagree about the BadExit flag for {fingerprint} ({counts})
msg BANDWIDTH_AUTHORITIES_OUT_OF_SYNC => Bandwidth authorities have a substantially different number of measured entries: {authorities}
msg AUTHORITY_UNAVAILABLE => Unable to retrieve the {fetch_type} from {authority} ({url}): {error}
msg OLD_DIZUM_UNAVAILABLE => Unable to reach dizum's prior address ({address}): {error}
msg UNABLE_TO_REACH_ORPORT => Unable to reach the ORPort of {authority} ({address}, port {port}): {error}
msg CURRENT_SHARED_RANDOM_MISSING => Consensus is missing a current shared random value (shared-rand-current-value)
msg PREVIOUS_SHARED_RANDOM_MISSING => Consensus is missing a previous shared random value (shared-rand-previous-value)
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