Onion Support

Project to organize Onion Service Support

Onion Support Group


The Onion Support Group mission is to increase the adoption of Onion Services, which is one of the priorities for 2022.

It's focused not only in general support but also in closely helping organizations to setup and maintain Onion Services.


  • Program manager: raya.
  • Community lead: gus.
  • UX lead: duncan.
  • Tor's project manager: gaba.
  • Localization lead: emapeel.
  • Web developer and sysadmin: kez.
  • Sysadmin support: TPA.
  • Onion services support: hiro, dgoulet.
  • Communication strategist: communication team.
  • Onion Services Site Reliability Engineer: rhatto.
  • Onion advisors mailing list: support in anything else.


Official Onion Services public documentation is hosted at Onion Services - Tor Community Portal, including how to:

  1. Create your Onion Service.
  2. Configure Onion-Location.

There are other docs scattered around, which could be sorted/updated/merged and even moved to the official docs:

Other, specific Onion Support docs:


These are the organizations we're currently working or have worked with in the past.

Sponsor 123


Check issues for info about other organizations.