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Updating the 'Known Issues' section

championquizzer requested to merge (removed):fix-issue-75 into master

This addresses: #75 (closed)
A brief summary of the changes:

  1. I am removing the extra steps users require to do on Ubuntu (see:#39 (closed)) from here and instead adding them to the Installation section.
  2. I have refrained from adding bugs or highly technical issues (as we want to keep the manual friendly to read for not so tech-savvy folks!) but I believe : tpo/core/tor#10416 is an issue which users do run into, hence adding it here.
  3. Also adding Avast to the list of antivirus software which interfere with Tor because we have had numerous users report this to us on frontdesk and #tor IRC. We even managed to get one user file a report about this with Avast.

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