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Web Team

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Meta for projects management and general information in the wiki.

Web Team

About us

The Web Team is a group of Tor people who are working on maintaining the different websites for the Tor Project.


Website Purpose GitLab Project Platform Docs Content Editors Maintainers Hosting Onion Old Tor Project website archive N/A Plain HTML N/A Community team TPA Tor Project Official blog tpo/web/blog Lektor Communications team TPA Tor Project BridgeDb tpo/anti-censorship/bridgedb Lektor Anti-censorship team Anti-censorship team and TPA Tor Project Developper portal (WIP) tpo/web/dev Lektor Community team TPA N/A N/A Tor connection verification tpo/network-health/team N/A Metrics team Metricsteam Tor Project N/A Community portal tpo/web/community Lektor Community team TPA Tor Project Donation page tpo/web/donate-static Lektor Fundraising team TPA Tor Project Community forum N/A Discourse Community team TPA Tor Project Alternative Tor Browser downloads tpo/web/gettor-web Lektor Anti-censorship team TPA Tor Project Visualize metrics collected tpo/network-health/metrics/website Network Health Team Network Health team Tor Project Newsletter landing page tpo/web/newsletter Lektor Communications team TPA Tor Project Tor Project Onion URLs N/A Plain HTML / Puppet TPA TPA Tor Project Snowflage landing page tpo/anti-censorship/pluggable-transports/snowflake-webext Plain HTML Anti-censorship team Anti-censorship team Tor Project Resources for researchers tpo/tpa/research Hugo Network Health team Network Health team Tor Project Status dashboard tpo/tpa/status-site Hugo TPA TPA Tor Project Style guide tpo/web/styleguide Lektor UX team TPA Tor Project Support portal tpo/web/support Lektor Community team TPA Tor Project User research surveys N/A LimeSurvey Everybody TPA Tor Project Tor Browser manual tpo/web/manual Lektor Communtiy team TPA Tor Project Main website tpo/web/tpo Lektor Community team TPA Tor Project

Get in touch

We are not holding meetings but we use IRC for our day to day communication. Just go to #tor-www, and somebody from the team might either be around or appear later and get back to you.

Becoming a volunteer

The best way to get involved is to visit IRC (see above). Tell us your background and interests and we will find a project for your to get started.

Priorities for 2023

Onionlaunchpad (code and content maintained by Community team) - Sponsor 123

This is NOT in the web group but in TPA will need to be available for maintaining the code (community team is doing deployment and content maintainance).

Allocation: Web Developer (TPA) Rhatto (community team) Raya (community team)

Work to be done:

  • lego maintainance
  • lektor-i18n (we need to take over this plugin to upgrade the python version we use)

SPONSOR 9 (before June 2023)


  • Web Developer o Responsible for any necessary updates on our portals: support, community portal and main website, based on user research. Also responsible for maintenance of our webinar infrastructure. o Responsible for migrations to new systems.


  • Training page revamp - TPA for code & Community for content
  • Redesign download page (with UX team) - TPA
  • Reimplement translations preview to work with gitlabCI (previously implemented with Jenkins). (with Community team) - TPA
  • Update our localization scripts to work with this instance we already host monthly(with Community team) - TPA
  • Finish migration from Transifex to Weblate (with Community team) - TPA & emmapeel
  • Self-host the forum (not sure if it is tpa/webteam). - TPA
  • Content related:
    • Update documentation for the translator community (with Community team)
    • Update user support documentation. (with Community team)
    • Keep webpage up-to-date (with Community team)

Sponsor 96 (ends on July 1st)


  • Community team (emmapeel, gus, joydeep)


  • O4.1: Localize all UI modified in this project.
  • O4.2: Create and publish user documentation.
  • Documentation needs to be updated when there are changes in Tor Browser or other apps

Sponsors 134


  • Localization coordinator


  • chinese, arabic and swahili translations

Sponsor 139


  • Localization coordinator


  • Farsi translations