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Bug 40742: Add Privacy Browser targets

Pier Angelo Vendrame requested to merge pierov/tor-browser-build:bug_40742 into main

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Change Description

This MR should allow us to build Privacy Browser build.

It introduces the following changes:

  1. it allows us to customize MOZ_APP_BASENAME, which has direct effects on the output paths and filenames
  2. it adds a few needed files for the Windows and macOS installers
  3. it adds the privacybrowser targets
  4. it adds the torbrowser- prefix to the Makefile targets for generating updates
  5. it adds privacybrowser to the .gitignore (and adds back release, alpha and nightly to guarantee compatibility with older builds and with maint-12.0)
  6. it updates the needed documentation

So far, the builds work, but only if you use the single target. Group targets (such as desktop) don't work, but I cannot fix them on my own.

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