Commit 69e2a2db authored by Georg Koppen's avatar Georg Koppen Committed by David Goulet
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Bug 40027: MIME boundary outputs on IRC

We use the opportunity to reduce noise in #tor-bots by removing
consensus-health checker output. Relevant parties get Cc'ed in doctor's
output or one can subscribe to the tor-consensus-health@ list.

Closes: #40027.
parent 0582fa0e
......@@ -294,11 +294,6 @@ def main():
bcc = [d.address for d in list(destinations.values()) if d and d.bcc]
util.send(EMAIL_SUBJECT, body = body, cc = cc, bcc = bcc)
# notification for #tor-bots
body = '\n'.join(['[consensus-health] %s' % issue for issue in issues])
util.send('Announce or', body = body, to = [''])
if issues:"All %i issues were suppressed. Not sending a notification." % len(issues))
......@@ -67,20 +67,6 @@ def main():
email_body = synopsis + '\n\n' + '\n'.join([' * %s' % issue for issue in issues])
util.send(subject, body = email_body, to = TO_ADDRESSES)
# notification for #tor-bots
irc_lines = [synopsis]
for i, issue in enumerate(issues):
if i < 4:
irc_lines.append('... and %i more' % (len(issues) - i))
irc_body = '\n'.join(['[fallback-directories] %s' % line for line in irc_lines])
util.send('Announce or', body = irc_body, to = [''])
if __name__ == '__main__':
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