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Draft: Mozilla91 components updates (android+linux)

boklm requested to merge boklm/tor-browser-build:mozilla91-v2 into master

This branch contains the latest draft for the changes needed for the mozilla91 build for linux and android.

Closes #40330 (closed), #40333 (closed), #40332 (closed), #40305 (closed), #40044 (closed), #40222 (closed), #40331 (closed).

We now have all the changes needed for Linux according to make list_toolchain_updates-firefox-linux, but I did not try building firefox 91 with it yet. I only built rust and clang.

For Android, I was able to build geckoview and application-services. I didn't try to build android-components yet, and a fenix rebase is still missing.

/cc @sysrqb

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