Non-project related Community Team issues and wiki

Welcome to the Community Team page!

The Community Team is for helping people who help Tor, and growing and sustaining the Tor community. We work on things like outreach, advocacy, teaching, user support, getting relay operators what they need, and community governance.


Our synchronous medium of communication is [#tor-project:matrix.org] on IRC/Matrix/OFTC. If you've never been on IRC/Matrix before, ​here are some instructions to get started. The Tor Project Community Team meets every Monday at 14 UTC (other timezones) in BBB.

Our asynchronous medium of communication is the Tor Forum. Feel free to register and to post if you want to say something that you think is on topic.

How to get involved

Priorities 2023

  • Assist network health team to maintain a healthy relay operators community
  • Assist anti-censorship team on connecting with censored users to improve censorship circumvention
  • Improve user support tools and documentation
  • Lead trainings with communities in the Global South, Latinoamerica and East Africa
  • Look for spikes in tor usage and document process and resources available for it.
  • Improve localization tooling
  • Spreading onions: spread onion sites around the world, build devops tools for onion operators and onion services health monitoring.
  • Kickoff the creation of solid internal policies
  • Improve moderation of IRC and Matrix spaces



  • Meetup with Tor digital security trainings, journalists and human rights defenders.
  • Tor Localization Hackathon with community members - replaced with monthly hangouts
  • Fund orgs in East-Africa to run trainings (onboard partners, publish report with findings)
  • User Support
  • Update documentation on
    • user support
    • keep torproject.org and portals updated
    • translators documentation
  • Migrate translations and translators to weblate


  • Through the year O1.4.1 Increase the number of dynamic bridges run by nonprofit partners.
  • In Q2 O1.4.2: Run a public campaign to encourage new individual operators to establish bridges.
  • Through the year assist anti-censorship team on O1.4.3: Monitor bridge health.
  • In Q1/Q2 O4.1: Localize all UI modified in this project.
  • Through the year O4.2 Create and publish user documentation.
  • Through the year O4.4: Build region-specific outreach, distribution, and user support.


  • O2.1 Develop evaluation criteria for determining if behavior expectation and consequence solutions are appropriate.
  • O2.2: Evaluate promising solutions for relay operator code of conducts, policies, agreements and methods for enforcement.
  • O2.3: Develop and implement solutions for operator codes of conduct, policies, agreements, and methods for enforcement.
  • O2.4: Document relay community governance processes. (in 2024)


  • Train journalists and editorial staff on use of Tor and Onion Services
  • Build and improve tools for developers
  • Improve documentation around Onion Services
  • Deploy new services

134 Translating Tor tools and documentation into Arabic, Chinese, and Swahili

  • Coordinate translations (by localization lab) of tools and materials to Arabic, Chinese and Swahili.
  • Create social media content
  • Distribute content with target audiences

Previous Priorities and Roadmaps

Sponsor Projects

Previous projects


  • Community Portal
  • Global South Strategy
  • User Support
  • User Documentation
  • Network health + Relay Advocacy
  • Tor Training
  • Localization