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The Tor Project

Welcome to the Tor Project!

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Official Resources

This is a list of places where the Tor project is maintaining resources and information about Tor.




Processes at the Tor project


  • List of active products we are maintaining.
  • List of sponsored projects that we are working on in 2024.
  • List of projects that we completed.
  • Internships we are usually running almost every year:
    • Outreachy provides internships in open source to people subject to systemic bias and impacted by under-representation in the technical industry where they are living.
    • Google Summer of Code is the internship that we participate to mentor students coming into the open source world.


The Tor Project is not a horizontal organization but we try to make decisions as democratic as possible. We have a structure where we operate and maintain the different pieces of software in teams. Our teams meet once a week to coordinate work and also meet frequently to coordinate projects. We have a project manager that facilitates the coordination and keeps an eye on the roadmaps to get to deadlines on time.

In 2018, the Executive Director at the Tor Project and set the following goals for the next 3 to 5 years, for the organization and its projects:

A Mature Tor Project (organization)

  • Stable income flows from a diverse funding base
  • Diverse and robust organization that meets our needs
  • Strong organizational culture focuses on employees and volunteers happiness
  • Global brand recognition - Tor means strong privacy

Full Access (product/projects)

  • Any person on the planet can access the Tor network
  • Any person on the planet can use the Tor network to access any websites or services online
  • Ensure the Tor network is diverse, healthy, stable, and scalable

As of August 2021, we started to implement OKRs to set goals per team and role and track outcomes and organize the work ahead. Each team lead has setup OKRs with help of their team (you can find them in each team's wiki) as well as Roger for the areas he is working on.


Community Council

The Community Council is an elected body of Tor Core Contributors who are available to help resolve intra-community disputes.


We run public meetings for all teams in irc and not secret but not public meetings in Big Blue Button for specific projects.

All Hands

We run weekly internal meetings with this schedule:

  • Every two months we have a financial update.
  • Every three months we run a demo day.
  • Quarterly we revisit priorities.
  • Quarterly we do a retrospective.

We have Tor DEMO days every three months. Here you can read notes on past DEMOs.

This page was originally based on the archived homepage of the old wiki in Trac: