This project holds THE wiki for Tor.

The Tor Project

Welcome to the Tor Project's wiki page. We maintain this Gitlab instance and some of the software behind the Tor network.

Official Resources

This is a list of places where the Tor project is maintaining resources and information about Tor.






Community Council

The Community Council is an elected body of Tor Core Contributors who are available to help resolve intra-community disputes.

All Hands Meetings

We run weekly internal meetings with this schedule:

  • Every two months we have a financial update.
  • Every three months we run a demo day.
  • Quarterly we revisit priorities.
  • Quarterly we do a retrospective.

We have Tor DEMO days every three months. Here you can read notes on past DEMOs.

Archived the homepage of the wiki page in Trac: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor