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  1. 10 Oct, 2020 3 commits
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      Bug 40097: Update toolchain for Fenix 82 · dbdff9c7
      Georg Koppen authored
      application-services needs a newer Rust compiler as it now uses
      features (strip_suffix()) that got stablizied in 1.45.0 first. We don't
      want to risk GeckoView stability and thus bite the bullet and add a
      different project solely used by application-services for the time being.
      We omit the clean-up as this is supposed to be temporary until Rust for
      GeckoView gets bumped.
      It is noteworthy that we still need the patch for bug 43909 albeit in
      a slightly updated fashion. Originally, this landed on trunk for the
      10.0 release but it got backed out later on and did not reland in time
      for any 10.0 release. Thus, we need to keep that patch until Rust
      switches to LLVM 11.
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      Bug 40097: Update toolchain for Fenix 82 · 65e79d42
      Georg Koppen authored
      As Fenix 82 uses clang 11.0.0-rc3 it is easier if we switch to using
      the llvm-project repository directly. This fixes the mobile part of
      bug 40048.
      We need to use our compiled binutils version, too, as the one that comes
      with Debian Buster (2.31.1) is breaking the build. We hit which is essentially
      an ld bug ( That
      one is fixed on the 2.31 branch and onwards but never made it into a
      2.31.x release.
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      Bug 34360: Bump binutils to 2.35.1 · 815db296
      Georg Koppen authored
      We can drop our Windows patches now as the underlying bug
      ( got fixed
      in binutils 2.34.
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      Bug 40101: Pick up 81.1.1 updates · cb43b9ec
      Georg Koppen authored
      We bump Fenix to 81.1.1 and android-components to 57.0.6 while GeckoView
      is staying on 81.0b9 to save us another round of rebasing.
      It turns out that declaring a `beta_version` and including that in the
      version number for a branch name might not have been the best idea given
      that not all our branches are based on mozilla-beta. So, we drop that
      and add the beta version directly when needed.
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      Bug 40105: Enhance Gradle dependency script · 4f9ab234
      Georg Koppen authored
      We sort now in a way that makes the output reproducible on different
      machines and exclude .module files, too, as we do not need them.
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